DIRECTAIR® Advantages & Benefits

Trust your air compression needs to the experts and experience the advantages and benefits of partnering with DIRECTAIR®.

DIRECTAIR® Advantages

Expert Experience

Our DIRECTAIR® facilities have been consistently supplying high quality compressed air to top companies since 1995. We have over 13 million hours of operation at our sites with better than a 99.9999% reliability for air pressure. We provide system dependability 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Superior Support

Not only do we provide compressed air as a utility to our clients but DIRECTAIR® is backed by Air Technologies, which maintains one of the largest industrial compressor service organizations in the country, employing over (300) service technicians. The success of our product is supported by our air experts, engineers, and technicians.

Sophisticated Controls

Our team is in continuous contact with your DIRECTAIR® facility with the Bay Way control system. This innovative compressor system management program provides comprehensive equipment data and service information allowing our compressor experts to optimize predictive/preventative maintenance. This enables us to greatly improve the system’s reliability while minimizing maintenance costs.

Total Reliability

DIRECTAIR® is proud to deliver compressed air your company needs 100% of the time. We accomplish this by installing the most dependable equipment available, providing preventative maintenance, and continuously monitoring the equipment through the Bay Watch system.

Ready to start saving on air compression costs? We're here to help.


DIRECTAIR® is a total compressed air as a utility solution

With DIRECTAIR®, the “risk” for businesses is shifted from you to us. Consistently supplying high-quality compressed air to more than 150 companies since 1995, we’ve provided customers with over 13 million hours of reliable operations.

Lower Maintenance Costs by as Much as 35%

With DIRECTAIR®, you'll have no more out-of-pocket costs for equipment breakdowns, repairs, parts, or scrap.

Guaranteed Pressure, Flow, and Dew Point

Our compressed air utility services offer guaranteed air quality to your specifications, no downtime, and 13 million hours of run time guaranteed.

Land and Utility Hookups Are All You Need

With DIRECTAIR®, installation, operation, and maintenance of compressed air are part of the utility. As long as you have the tools above, you have everything you need for high-quality compressed air and guaranteed uptime.

Energy Savings Between 25% and 50%

We equip our DIRECTAIR® facilities with the most energy-efficient equipment and controls available.

Improve Reliability with Predictive Maintenance Technology

Our exclusive MANAGAIR® system monitors your compressed air, signaling any problem areas before they become critical. This significantly improves reliability.

Proven Reliability

DIRECTAIR® is the pioneer of the fourth-utility concept and has consistently supplied high-quality compressed air to more than 150 companies. Since 1995, OTP has provided DIRECTAIR® customers with over 10 million hours of reliable operations.

Remote Online Monitoring by OTP

With our exclusive ManagAIR® hardware and software, we are in continuous contact with the DirectAIR® site. This enables us to greatly improve the reliability of the system by having ManagAIR® inform us of problem areas before they become critical—a predictive maintenance approach that significantly improves reliability.

More Energy Efficient Compressed Air

We equip our DirectAIR® facilities with the most energy efficient equipment and controls available today to provide significant energy savings over your current system. Typical energy savings range between 25-50%.

Comprehensive Preventive Maintenance

The entire concept of DIRECTAIR® revolves around delivering 100% reliable compressed air systems. This is accomplished by first installing the most dependable equipment available, then providing the highest level of preventive maintenance and continuously monitoring the equipment through our exclusive ManagAIR® system.

Stress-free Commitment

As a DIRECTAIR® customer, you only need to provide the necessary land and utility hook ups. Then OTP supplies, installs, operates, and maintains your new air compressor system. A monthly fee is charged based on the customer’s compressed air consumption, with billing similar to what a manufacturer gets from their electrical power supplier.

Are you ready to enjoy the perks of DIRECTAIR®?


We guarantee a constant supply of compressed air that will eliminate downtime related to air complications.


Experience clean, dry, compressed air with DIRECTAIR®'s superb air quality.


Gain cost savings with no repair, part replacement, maintenance and emergency expenses while using DIRECTAIR®.


Update your air expenses to an operating expense with a monthly utility statement.


Reduce your manpower needs with the DIRECTAIR® applications and refocus them on plant production.


DIRECTAIR® is a "fee for service" utility with flexible terms, so you only pay for what you use.

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