Save on annual energy costs with DIRECTAIR® compressed air services.

Business's who implement DIRECTAIR® save an average between 25% to 50% on their annual energy costs.

Every DIRECTAIR® facility is equipped with the most energy-efficient equipment and controls available.


Reduce your equipment maintenance costs with DIRECTAIR® services. Our team of air experts will maintain your air equipment to monitor your uptime and air quality.

Additionally, you can create a smaller carbon footprint with the reduction of landfill waste contribution, product scrap and minimized logistic support.


Improve your green energy efficiency rates with DIRECTAIR® energy-efficient compressed air equipment. On average, most experience 25-50% energy cost savings after implementing DIRECTAIR®.

In addition to energy efficiency savings, you can recoup cost savings on cooling water pumps, water treatment chemicals, replacement parts, repair services and more when utilizing DIRECTAIR®.


With DIRECTAIR® you can expect consistent supply of clean, dry air that you can count on 24/7.

Once you have DIRECTAIR® services you can focus your plant on optimizing production equipment without a need or a dedicated 3rd shift to support and manage your compressed air.

Ready to learn more about how DIRECTAIR® can save you 25-50% on energy costs?

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